Can we please have a full episode just dedicated to bill doing crazy stunts in dippers body?

I would pay to see that

I found the book with tome sketches i had lost! Its not as much as i thought i did but ill try later getting some of those sketches and the older ones and post it on here ^w^

original-nibby whispered: Draw Professor layton?


First time drawing him in years omg (done by memory so i hope this came out alright >w<)

Lust would like to nominate pride by chasing him down a field with a bucket full of ice for ruining Lusts perfect hair that he just so happened to have styled that very day and the anon also.

(i loved this so much omfg thank you)

original-nibby whispered: Have you heard of this game called Professor Layton?


I have all the games and the movie~ Plus ive recently got a clive figurine and ive got a doujin comic of layton that is a comedy with mini stories in it

i mightttt be obessed with it not gonna lie *whistles*

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Anonymous whispered: Hows the TOME cast flavors going?

Ive been in bed all day sick ;w; i just came online, if you check the fb page or kirbs blog you’ll find it trust me >w<

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Anonymous whispered: Is this your main blog or do you have a different one?

Nope, this is just an art blog anon! My main can be found in the link of my blog, but for now here it is:

My older drawings are up there, plus i post fanfics and videos on there also. My art blog is really for sketches, concpets and recently theories (but you can ask my main as well ahaha)

Anonymous whispered: Well, it depends on what flavor the TOME cast would be. Depending on personalities, what flavor would they be?

Oh wait there was a post on what fruits they were i remember (i think zetto was a blueberry??) ill get back to you on that >.<

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Anonymous whispered: Haha the next thing I wanna see is the tome cast as cakes pfff yeah.

Oh man how would they even look like??