original-nibby whispered: Have you heard of this game called Professor Layton?


I have all the games and the movie~ Plus ive recently got a clive figurine and ive got a doujin comic of layton that is a comedy with mini stories in it

i mightttt be obessed with it not gonna lie *whistles*

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Anonymous whispered: Hows the TOME cast flavors going?

Ive been in bed all day sick ;w; i just came online, if you check the fb page or kirbs blog you’ll find it trust me >w<

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Anonymous whispered: Is this your main blog or do you have a different one?

Nope, this is just an art blog anon! My main can be found in the link of my blog, but for now here it is:


My older drawings are up there, plus i post fanfics and videos on there also. My art blog is really for sketches, concpets and recently theories (but you can ask my main as well ahaha)

Anonymous whispered: Well, it depends on what flavor the TOME cast would be. Depending on personalities, what flavor would they be?

Oh wait there was a post on what fruits they were i remember (i think zetto was a blueberry??) ill get back to you on that >.<

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Anonymous whispered: Haha the next thing I wanna see is the tome cast as cakes pfff yeah.

Oh man how would they even look like??

Anonymous whispered: Kirb just looks even more adorable in your style now.

aww thank you~

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Anonymous whispered: Thanks to the picture you last made, I'm hungry for cake now.

ehehehe im so odd id just have the icing i love it soo much C:

But yeah some reason i just love drawing cakes, i havent drawn one in ages aaaa

Huh? What do you mean this hasn’t happened yet? Pshhh don’t worry, it will~

Trust me. it will.

(Oh well, zettos just happy to be there, plus there’s cake!)

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Anonymous whispered: i really like your art style its really unique and cute and thats great

Thank you, that means alot to me <3

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Anonymous whispered: Ever heard of the software fire alpaca it is like photoshop and sai but free

Yes, i have it in fact, never used it though because im just so used to SAI now aaa >w<

i used to have GIMP also when i first started on a tablet aaa