Makes tons of fanart. Only ever posts one.

I told myself i wasnt going to be dragged into more feels but kagepro happened. why must all my otps involve some tragic event or be filled with angst?

they are cute and i refuse to stop drawing them…<3

I realized Kirb and Flameys quarrels are fun to draw >w<

Oh dont worry they love each other really~ even if they try to strangle each other out of fustration

Fight Fight Fight Kiss Kiss Kiss

the tension between these two are insane, and its only been an episode. I really want to see them interact again aaa

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Anonymous whispered: Did ya find the sketchbooks yet? Sry my impatience is killing me right now.

Okay update on the book time! So uh number 1. it does exsist. i litrally was like i cant find this everywhere am i sure im not just mistaking it for something else but i apparently do have it cause i took a pic of one of the sketches once. 2. im assuiming its stuffed in a bag, im actually curious to where it is since i dont remember exsactly what the cover looks like. but never fear i am actually on a hunt still

UPDATE:  uh good news and bad news. i found the skethc book. but the pages are torn out and i dont have a clue where the pages could be ;;;

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Anonymous whispered: Check on kirbopher's tumblr for some info.

Oh gosh i finnished reading, im trying to wrap my head around what happened but i suppose the best action is to leave it be now, they have it handled so thats good

Anonymous whispered: You heard about the whole situation with psyguy?

Um no i dont know sorry

Soooo im not inactive~! just…lacking in ideas ;w;

This is faintly based off a story i was doing (i havent touched it in ages) since free is back it inspired me to try working on it again- and do many cute fanart of my bbs <3 ill proberlly do more in the future~

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Anonymous whispered: Find it yet?

buh i havent had time, i went out to london all day so im tired, ill find it when i can but i honestly cant say when yet

Anonymous whispered: Do you have any TOME sketchbook doodles you would like to show us?

uh real answer? give me a while

its just the two sketch books that contain tome drawings arnt the best things ever….coughtheyreallydarkorstupidcough i have another book somewhere in my room that i remember had a few comics and cooler sketches in there i belive? i want to find all the books before just showing you guys a few ^^;; so i am looking ill post when i find the best ones