i cant change the order im so mad

anyway huzzah i finally have this finnished. the 7 moronic sins headshots of their final designs-they’re all annoying nerds <3

A freind of mine was wondering why i havent uploaded more of the story art online and since i want to start this story soon ill proberlly post just fun stuff that isnt relevant to the plot. This is basically the cast for the first arc. there are 3 in total to the story which consists of smaller stories that come together for a finale at the end of each chapter.

Im proud of it so far, from how its developing ive had a few people who’ve loved the idea so far, so i really wanted to share it to you guys and i really hope you love the story too because i have so much in store <3

Anonymous whispered: You have some good theories there and since Tome season 2 is coming out sometime in August these could be great theories for the season

ahahah thanks ^w^ what i did actually before episode 10 was right out as many possible theories or predictions, then tick or cross them out when i had watched the episode.

i um…sorta love analyzing or theorizing things >w< i dont do it alot since i ramble alot though wopes~


Season 2 is almost upon us for tome people, ive seen some speclutations  both on fb and on tumblr and i thought id give my input, its gonna be generally the same as the others i belive but lets see~ (theories/general specluations also SPOILERS FOR TTA WILL BE MENTIONED) under the cut, also i ramble so this could be big… should i even tag this as tome??

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Anonymous whispered: Okay it's been waaaaaaaay too long ever since I asked that sketchbook question and I'm wondering if you found it yet?

i’d love to get back to you anon but

this is what im dealing with here

i really want to honest- heck theres concept art from my story that was in that book and i have no clue where the pages are???i found the book under a drawer and litrally its just that page stuck onto it

so apparnetly i cannot post more than two images when answering an ask??? this was something i did ages ago, anyone who followed my art on my main blog would have seen this picture a LONG time ago. it was inspired from the fact they are both called reggie :3

one is from pokemon diamond and pearl and the other is Reginald L. Theophilus (The Third) who we know as the mad hatter from a story called when curioisty meets insanity. i really loved both characters and i thought it would have been humerous to switch their clothes around.

Its not like the biggest improvement out of all my art, but i rarly do redraws and i did like this one for the nostalgic memories <3



This is something that was bugging me a little bit so, as always, I’ve decided to make an infograph. 

Maybe other artists disagree, but when I ask for a request, it’s a fun game. You give me a suggestion and I build on it. It’s a team project. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

If your request takes longer than 3 sentences to describe, it’s not a request. It’s a commission. It’s something so specific, the artist will essentially be working for your specific scene for free.

And of course - DO NOT REQUEST THAT AN ARTIST DRAW YOU SOMETHING if you don’t see that they are specifically accepting requests.

People have been requesting free art from us our whole lives. We’ve had plenty of that. If we want to draw you free stuff, we’ll let ya know. Don’t just assume we have free time - just like you wouldn’t come up to a doctor at a grocery store and ask them to examine your twisted ankle.

Unless you’re a person who does that… in which case… don’t do that either.

I’d like to remind people that this goes for writing requests, too.

And if an artist or writer has a list of “what I do/don’t do” then please respect that.

Makes tons of fanart. Only ever posts one.

I told myself i wasnt going to be dragged into more feels but kagepro happened. why must all my otps involve some tragic event or be filled with angst?

they are cute and i refuse to stop drawing them…<3

I realized Kirb and Flameys quarrels are fun to draw >w<

Oh dont worry they love each other really~ even if they try to strangle each other out of fustration

Fight Fight Fight Kiss Kiss Kiss

the tension between these two are insane, and its only been an episode. I really want to see them interact again aaa

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Anonymous whispered: Did ya find the sketchbooks yet? Sry my impatience is killing me right now.

Okay update on the book time! So uh number 1. it does exsist. i litrally was like i cant find this everywhere am i sure im not just mistaking it for something else but i apparently do have it cause i took a pic of one of the sketches once. 2. im assuiming its stuffed in a bag, im actually curious to where it is since i dont remember exsactly what the cover looks like. but never fear i am actually on a hunt still

UPDATE:  uh good news and bad news. i found the skethc book. but the pages are torn out and i dont have a clue where the pages could be ;;;