original-nibby whispered: * hugs you* you are better :(

I dont feel it lately

….3 days straight.

i hope i get over this soon.

Anonymous whispered: You know, I couldn't get this outta my head, can you draw season 2 kirb dancing with headphones listening to music?


Heres what hes listening to~

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Tome theory blog sounds hella cool.

If people are interested i might do.

…but im slightly doubting that i suppose ahaha…

I love how my art blog is slowly turning into the TOMEs theories and speculations blog ahaha

….maybe i should make another blog for those theories and people could send their theories and stuff, like it could even be on little neat tibits people might have found or refrences? i always feel a bit…useless to the fandom so maybe this could be good?

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Anonymous whispered: I mean maybe that person ( I believe Kinderspirit) at the end of Ep 10 has shape shifting powers and turned into zetto.

Its definitely certain we’ve got a shapeshifer in our hands, however i dont think its Kinderspirit. Its hard to tell since kirb doesnt really say ‘he’ or ‘she’ will make a dramatic entrance, but taking what he says it seems unlikely Kinders the type to do something over the top.

I believe her fight might be before the webmasters, the person i am certain is our next opponent can be briefly seen

Its a bit hard to determine, it could very well might be her, but theres no halo on her head plus we’ve seen from the outlines of her that her hair is long and would have covered the shoulders or more. Its a shot in the dark but i think our mysterious netking (whome i sadly cannot get an image for cause tumblr doenst alow more than one image on my post????) is the mushroom netking whose name ive forgotten sob.

If anything im just excited to see how it turns out, more than likely hes gonna switch forms alot i presume when fighting, who knows~?

I really want to see some one on one interaction with these two in this season, we got a bit of it in episode 7 from their encounter near the end and i just really want to see what their like with each other when there isnt any place to rush to- or any interruptions especially now after everything’s that happened. Would they jump into battles alot for fun or would they wonder around and just chat?

I wonder about these things sometimes~

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Anonymous whispered: Ya wanna make a theory on what happened at the end of Ep 11? That was mind blowingly CONFUSING AND EXCITING.

Ohhh man you do not know how loud i screamed when the end scene happened, i was caught of gaurd darn it *shakes fist* I gotta say for the first episode i love and hate them for that cliffhanger ahaha (ive missed this sniff)

Just in case people still havent watched episode 11 ill put what i belive happened under the cut~

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Anonymous whispered: What do you think of the new designs? I'm still trying to get used to kirb's design.

I dont mind them, they certainly have their pros and cons. Colour wise i find it a bit…off putting. Certainly something im going to have to adjust as the episodes go along. I liked before and someone commented on it as well that the original pallet colours complimented the characters (kizuna having that whole blue outfit but red tones while zetto was blue tones red outfit theme) those i thought were creative.

Design wise? its a mix for me, Im gonna say now i dont really like flameys design too much- i dont mind it but its the least favorable of the team. Nyes alot harder to draw sadly sob but i love the details on him i thought they were cool. Kirb litrally has not a massive change apart from the sholder plate on one arm and the hat pointing upwards which i think is a nice subtle change. Alpha i do like his new outfit i thought it was nice, GC didnt seem much of a change??? im gonna have to look back on it.

For kizuna, the outfit is a bit too simple i dont mind, zettos arm is AMAZINGGG i love the upgrade it really is a nice touch- course we have the whole DB style which i belive might be a nod to also TTA since he was in that outfit i belive at one point so i dont have a problem with that. Plus all characters introduced i actually liked! The designs were lovely to see and they fitted well into the story

Hair stlyes i like though~ you dont understand how thankful i am that kirbs hair is changed i can actually dRAW IT!!! everyones hair isnt majorly changed, just has a few alterations which is a lovely touch since it still stays true to the orignal design.

Overall sorry for the long ramble but for me im sure im going to adjust to the characters new designs, some will grow on me some might not but its our lovable characters either way so im just excited where this story takes us! I said before on my other blog the kudos to the music and animation, theres been alot of effort put into it which shows nicely at some parts for me. Till next episode i suppose~